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The PC Online Services Program has been developed for both PC candidates and PC students.This system consists of several modules that provide useful information and services for students.

  PC Announcements
   Pending Students Results Q1/2019   (Download file)     [2019/03/19]
   PC4 Final Results for Q1/2019   (Download file)     [2019/03/19]
   MP Final Results for Q1/2019   (Download file)     [2019/03/19]
         Click to check your M2 results HERE.
   More information for PC4 & MP students who pass to MUIC   (Download file)     [2019/03/18]
   PC & MP Student ID number for the admissions sessions   (Download file)     [2019/03/15]
         New students who will attend the PC admissions session on Saturday March 16, 2019, please check their PC STUDENT ID NUMBERS and admissions time.
   UPDATE: PC Interview Results Q2/2019 (DEFERRED)   (Download file)     [2019/03/14]
         Click to check your PC Interview results for those who deferred their interview to MARCH 11-12, 2019 and see the details of PC/MP Registration.
   New Process of Paying Fees for Official Document   (Download file)  [2019/01/29]
         Process of paying fees have been changed since February 1, 2019 onwards. Please see the attached file for more information.
   PP001: Information for PC postponing students   (Download file)  [2019/01/24]
         ATTN: Postponing PC students, please see the information for postponing students.
   W001: Steps of PC withdraw/postpone   (Download file)  [2019/01/24]
         ATTN: Current PC students, please see steps of PC withdraw/postpone for students studying in Q1/2019
   PC4/MP Arrangements to MUIC (Q1/2019)   (Download file)  [2019/01/24]
         Kindly see important dates for MUIC Admissions after passing PC4/MP. These appointments are COMPULSORY!
   PC Registration information for students who are eligible to study in Q2/2019   (Download file)  [2019/01/07]
         Please click the attachment file to see the registration information for students who are eligible to study in Q2/2019 (April 1- June 7, 2019) including students who postpone their status from the previous terms.
   Comments from PC students   (Download file)  [2016/03/28]
         Students are welcome to give feedback/comment regarding quality of the education, services and teaching by click at this LINK (Please see detail LINK in the attachment). (This is anonymous survey)
   REQUEST CERTIFIED LETTER   (Download file)  [2015/02/10]
         In order to request a certified letter, please complete the form in the attachment. Students can get the letter(s) 2 working days after submitting this request.

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