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  About Program

The PC Online Services Program has been developed for both PC candidates and PC students.This system consists of several modules that provide useful information and services for students.

  PC Announcements
   PC's 2016 Traffic Regulations   (Download file)     [2016/02/05]
         COOPERATION NEEDED! (according to MU's 2016 traffic regulations) 1.) DO NOT exceed 40 Km/H while driving on campus. 2.) NO parking in forbidden areas: those who violate are subject to PENALTIES.
   Award Announcement!: Teacher's Day Essay Competition 2016   (Download file)     [2016/02/02]
         Big thanks to all the students who participated in our essay competition. Now, all the awards are announced and we would like to congratulate all the award recipients on their great effort. Well Done!
   Midterm and Final Examination Schedule Q1/2016   (Download file)     [2016/01/27]
         Students can see the Midterm and Final examination schedule of Q1/2016 as attached.
   Grammar Clinic Available Now for FREE!!   (Download file)     [2016/01/07]
         Please be welcome to Grammar Clinic, extra intensive English grammar tutorial sessions offered by PC. Starting this Monday, January 11. Register Now! No Charge!
   Math Clinic Available Now for FREE!!   (Download file)     [2016/01/06]
         Free Math class will be available at PC, please see details in the attachment.
   Registration information for students who are eligible to study in Q2/2016   (Download file)  [2016/01/04]
         Please click the attachment file to see the registration information for students who are eligible to study in Q2/2016 (March 28 - June 10, 2016) including students who postpone their status from the previous terms.
   PC Class-lists and Schedules of Q1/2016 are now available   (Download file)  [2015/12/30]
         Students must print out their class lists and schedules because the PC office will not provide this service. Any request concerning class lists will only be accepted by email as !!
   Certificate of High School Equivalency of General Education Development from the MOE   (Download file)  [2015/07/07]
         Students who have obtained a GED qualification from the Government of the District of Columbia no longer have to ask for an equivalency qualification from the Ministry of Education. Please see details in the attached announcement.
   REQUEST CERTIFIED LETTER   (Download file)  [2015/02/10]
         In order to request a certified letter, please complete the form in the attachment. Students can get the letter(s) 2 working days after submitting this request.
   How to setup a proxy server on an Apple computer (Mac)   (Download file)  [2015/01/14]
         Please click the attachment file to see how to setup a proxy server on an Apple computer (Mac)
   Steps to activate student's internet account   (Download file)  [2015/01/06]
         New Students with student ID number 581xxx must activate their internet account by following the steps detailed in the attachment.
   Comments from PC students   (Download file)  [2015/01/05]
         Students are welcome to give feedback/comment regarding quality of the education, services and teaching by click at this LINK (Please see detail LINK in the attachment). (This is anonymous survey)

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